"Lindon was a real star and a pleasure to work with."


"With strong choreography from Lindon Barr, the cast tumble, backflip and spin their way around the tight playing space in the expositional number “Eyes of the World”, which sets up Jimmy's world on the last day of school. "


"The stunning dance routines are a delight to watch, the ensemble is bursting with frenetic energy and Manny Tsakanika and Lauren Stroud, in particular, are exceptional. Lindon Barr has created an exciting and contemporay choreography."

-Theatre Weekly ****

"Choreography slick, contemporary and completely captivating in each of the genres used.The choreography by Lindon Barr really was on point, slick, perfectly timed, contemporary and one of the highlights of the show."

-Carns Theatre Passion

"The show’s truly impressive feature is Lindon Barr's choreography. The ensemble were incredibly tight and despite the ever changing story line, the movement in each scene was perfect. Barr should be proud of himself."

-Jonathan Baz

"The punchy song-and-dance chorus, choreographed by Lindon Barr, is often terrific."

-The Telegraph

"The combination of talented dancers and Lindon Barr's exciting and varied choreography ensures that each ensemble piece is high octane and original."

-Sardines Magazine

"Lindon Barr as choreographer has done an amazing job."

-Red And Gold Web

The show was also nicely choreographed by Lindon Barr and  special mention to Dance Captain, Manny Tsakanika on some impressive athleticism in some of the numbers."

-The Spy In The Stalls ****

"The dancing is also just as supercharged, combining elements of street dance and classical styles, with choreography by Lindon Barr. "

-My London Dream Blog

"The images and set will remain a mystery to us all until we take our seats in the St James Theatre, but getting a glimpse of Lindon Barr’s choreography in action was exciting enough for me! Dynamic, athletic, gymnastic; combining influences from across the dance spectrum, and performed with great verve by the ensemble."

-Please Mind The Blog

"Okay, the choreography in Exposure is SO good. The show choreographer is Lindon Barr, he’s worked on The X Factor, Thriller and even with Little Mix too. Expect some high energy dance moves!"


"With visually breathtaking choreography, the entire cast have delivered a superlative show. Bloody brilliant."

-Love Midlands Theatre

Choreographed by Lindon Barr, the movement is dynamic and boasts tremendous energy from the ensemble, creating an atmosphere that is rarely created in theatre."

-Sincerely, Amy *****

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